​​Some Responses to the Readings:

"Everything you said was dead-on accurate" M.K

​"Very Therapeutic" L.S

"You are always right." K.S

"Everything you said was spot on." J.M

"You are gifted to be sure.."N.G

​​"Once again a great reading" J.Q

"I have always been very impressed by your skills." A.S.

"I needed someone to be the voice of reason and you were it." C.H.

"I am grateful for your life-changing guidance" D.


 Joyce has over 30 years of professional psychic and clairvoyant experience. 

She worked as a professional educator in NY and a has a Master's Degree in Education.

She served as a professional medium in a Spiritualist church for over 5 years. 

She has taught multiple psychic development classes throughout the country.

 A number of  successful, working psychic readers were trained under her safe and systematic approach to intuitive development.

Currently she is working on the second book of her trilogy series 

"The Mystery of the Fake Watch"